Settings (App ver. 0.3.4)

Number of prompts to read

Resource intensive functions

(disable these to improve recording quality on low powered devices)

System information:

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Recording Information


(to remind you to make sure that your Recording Information settings are still valid, if you changed locations since your last recording).

Your recording is too loud! Please reduce your microphone volume, then delete this recording and re-record it.

Your recording levels are too low! Please increase your microphone volume, then delete this prompt recording and re-record it.

No Speech (or microphone volume too low) in recording. Please increase microphone volume, then delete and re-record its.

There might not be enough silence at end of your recording (i.e. you clicked 'stop' too early). Please review and make sure there is some silence (at least 1/4 of a second) at end of this recording. If not, delete and re-record it.

VoxForge Speech Recorder

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